Sustainable Future
3C-TEX believes only the sustainable is our future, therefore, we have placed a great effort to include Recycle materials, Energy Saving textiles, Temperature Control textile, and Bio-mass series.
Recycle Yarns & Membrane (Film)
From recycle plastic bottles to scrap fishing net, we are able to provide the recycle textiles/membrane without losing the quality.
Energy Saving Textile
By saving the water, electricity and human resources, we could provide a wide range of dope dyed items. Colorful and perfect color fastnesses are their prestigious performance.
Temperature Control Textile
without taking away the comfort, we added the temperature adjusts ability to our temperature control textile; from heat preservation, cooling to smart temperature control textile, either suitable for winter outdoor, summer activities, or daily wear and office wear.
Biomass Series
Biomass is sourcing from the natural waste and is being designed able to degradable once the products no long usable...
Bio Degradable
Biodegradable polymer can decompose in a few years, difference traditionally-made synthetics!
To meet customers’ targets, to keep ourselves competitive, and achieve our company’s goal as the greatest textile supplier!
Latest News
24-27Oct2023  Hall:A42 no.17A36
TITAS 2023
TaipeiandOnline Oct17-192023BoothNo.:N716 
PERFORMANCEDAYS - Functional Fabric Fair (Fall) 2023
MUNICH&ONLINE Oct.4~52023.Boothno. A16, HallA6 
PERFORMANCEDAYS Function Fabric Fair 2023
March15-162023Munich.HallA1, A05 
No.141, Te-An Rd., Chaiyi City, 60085 Taiwan
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